RoadsML Oy

Alimmaisenkuja 5

04330 LAHELA

Business ID: 2919738-8

Register contact person

name: RoadsML Oy / Antti Mattila

email: [email protected]

Registry name

RoadsML Oy's user information register

The basis for keeping the register

The user registers and reports road-related information. Information transmitted by the user is stored and used to analyze the road condition data and related objects.

Purpose of the register

Information transmitted by the user is derived directly or by machine learning about the condition of the road. Road condition information is linked to the Digiroad road data published by the Finnish Transport Agency as an open source data. All personally identifiable information is only used by RoadsML Oy and is not used for any other purpose than for the analysis of road condition data and condition related points of interest. All published data does not contain personally identifiable information.

Data content of the register

- Google Advertising ID

- Android ID

- Location and time of the phone

- Speed ​​and time of the phone

- Phone vibration and time of the phone

- User's reported road condition estimate and time of the phone

- Object information and time related to the condition of the road reported by the user

Other data

On application problems a crash report is sent that is used only for technical problem solving.


RoadsML Oy does not disclose personally identifiable information to a third party. RoadsML Oy may disclose information within the permissible and binding limits of the applicable laws.